James "Hays" Lawson

Kentucky's secret weapon against
bankruptcy, debt collectors, and
credit report mistakes

I am so pleased with Hays Lawson with the handling of my bankruptcy. Other problems that arose from the bankruptcy was taken care of by him. Thank you from the bottom of my heart… Excellent lawyer. Takes care of your problems. I highly recommend him. Handled my case with all its quirks.

Nancy KBankruptcy client

I contacted Hays to help me with a bankruptcy. I spoke to him directly and met with him the next day. Honest, helpful, extremely fair pricing, and the best court experience I’ve ever had. Thank you so much Hays!

Stuart TBankruptcy client

Bankruptcy is a demeaning and embarrassing situation unless you are lucky enough to have the assistance of Hays Lawson. His compassion and knowledge are beyond compare.

Rita HBankruptcy client

After 2 years of trying to work with my creditors and having no success, I made the hardest decision of my life in deciding to file for bankruptcy. One of the best decisions I made however, was choosing my attorney! Hays was and is both compassionate and knowledgeable in all aspects of bankruptcy law. I never have any problems contacting him or getting answers to any questions I may have. I consider Hays a friend and an ally!

Carol LBankruptcy client

I contacted Mr.Lawson for help with this company called ******* *******.This company had been harassing me for years for an acct. I never had and had even somehow started garnishing my wages. Mr. Lawson Listened to me and felt he could help, he took the case immediately. I am so thankful for all his help, he took the case in April and it was closed In July. I was hounded by mail by phone and ultimately had my paychecks garnished by them. So glad to never have to deal with them again. I cannot say enough about Mr. Lawson and his firm, they have been a god send. Thank you so much.

S.G.FDCPA Client

Lawson at Law did more than I was expecting to help my case with last minute notice. They were very informative about my situation and what the process would be. They won the case in no time at all and I will definitely use them again if need be.

B.R.FDCPA Client

Outstanding, top-notch service! These guys know the law, and the speed with which my lawsuit was settled…nothing short of amazing. They represented me aggressively and ethically, and got me back every penny I was due. Check them out!

C.R.FDCPA Client

Mr Lawson was a dream to work with. He took a very stressful situation for my Mom and helped her find relief. We highly recommend him to anyone who is considering bankruptcy or just needs some advice.

M.G.Bankruptcy Client

James Lawson is knowledgeable, quick to respond, thorough and reassuring. Mr. Lawson made sure that I understood the process, explained my options and immediately went to work on my behalf. I’m so grateful for his assistance and would highly recommend him.

A.L. Bankruptcy Client

James Lawson filed a suit on my behalf for a violation of the FCRA by a collection company and was able to get them to settle and clear my records. He did this all in a quick and professional fashion with fantastic results. Thanks for everything!

B.L.FCRA Client

Mr. Lawson was of great help in a time no hard working man or woman wants to be in ” BANKRUPTCY ” I would recommend him to anyone who has to venture into these troubled times

G.B.Bankruptcy Client

James Lawson is an AMAZING attorney!! James was quick to answer questions and he got our case taken care of quickly! James really does care about his clients!! He’s not one of those greedy lawyers who only cares about money. Honest, Honorable, and treats his clients with the highest respect and care!! I couldn’t praise this man’s abilities as a lawyer enough!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!! A+++++++++

A.R.Debt Collection Defense Client

Lawson at Law is A+++ Represented me on a case and saved me literally thousands. Thank you.

A.B.FDCPA Client

I would highly recommend Mr. Lawson to anyone. He could not have been more professional and courteous. I received informative and honest counsel from Mr. Lawson and could not have been more pleased!

C.H.Bankruptcy Client

Mr. Lawson was very helpful and resourceful to my issues and I would refer him to others with legal issues.


I used him for a personal matter and got his name off the internet. Things went smooth and he addressed my issues when need be. price wise he was very reasonable. I would recommend this attorney for your personal needs


James Lawson is an incredible attorney that helped us with a medical debt collector. He is an honest and fair lawyer who gets the job done in a timely and orderly manner. We have him helping us with a couple of other matters, and we will continue to go to him when needed.

M.M.FDCPA Client

I am extremely impressed with Mr. Lawson. He is very kind and spends time making sure you understand the process. He quickly responds to emails and calls and is never in a rush. I ended up needing to deal with some personal issues while he was taking care of a claim for me and I couldn’t communicate with him. He moved right along and took care of everything, and sent me a check. I will be calling him again, and I highly recommend him to anyone.

Marjory E.FDCPA Client

I cannot begin to express my gratitude for this attorney. I was sued for an old credit card debt. Mr. Lawson charged me nothing for his services, had the balance dismissed, removed from my credit report AND I received a $ settlement. Best experience ever.

M.D. FDCPA Client

Mr. Lawson has help us on couple of different legal matters, and we are very satisfied with the work he has done for us. we have and will recommend him to anyone who could benefit from his services.


Mr. Lawson handled my case wonderfully and made the whole experience very smooth and easy. He is very responsive to emails and answered all of my questions thoroughly. I’m very happy to have found his firm and would absolutely recommend him to anyone who finds themselves in that situation.


Mr.Lawson was very helpful..He was very quick to answer questions regarding my case… I would recommend to anyone.