James "Hays" Lawson

Kentucky's secret weapon against
bankruptcy, debt collectors, and
credit report mistakes

I am so pleased with Hays Lawson with the handling of my bankruptcy. Other problems that arose from the bankruptcy was taken care of by him. Thank you from the bottom of my heart… Excellent lawyer. Takes care of your problems. I highly recommend him. Handled my case with all its quirks.

Nancy KBankruptcy client

I contacted Hays to help me with a bankruptcy. I spoke to him directly and met with him the next day. Honest, helpful, extremely fair pricing, and the best court experience I’ve ever had. Thank you so much Hays!

Stuart TBankruptcy client

Bankruptcy is a demeaning and embarrassing situation unless you are lucky enough to have the assistance of Hays Lawson. His compassion and knowledge are beyond compare.

Rita HBankruptcy client

After 2 years of trying to work with my creditors and having no success, I made the hardest decision of my life in deciding to file for bankruptcy. One of the best decisions I made however, was choosing my attorney! Hays was and is both compassionate and knowledgeable in all aspects of bankruptcy law. I never have any problems contacting him or getting answers to any questions I may have. I consider Hays a friend and an ally!

Carol LBankruptcy client