Don’t Let ID Thieves Steal your Tax Refund

According to a report from CNBC, tax-refund theft is expected to “hit a whopping $21 billion.” ID thieves could steal your refund. Cyberscout postulates that “[w]ith more than a billion personal records “out there,” identity theft has become the third certainty in life, right behind death [and taxes].” Tax-refund theft could hit the poor and the […]

The Five Sections of a Credit Report and the Types of Errors Found in Each

Your credit report has five main sections. Error can occur in each. The errors in each section are of different type and require different means and methods to correct. At Lawson at Law, PLLC we know how to identify and fix errors in all sections of your credit report. I.     Personal Information The […]

Student-Loan FDCPA Collection Case

A Colorado District Court recently denied a debt collector’s motion to dismiss the complaint in Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (“FDCPA”) case concerning the collection of student loans. Breckinridge v. Vargo & Johnson, P.C., 16-CV-1176-WJM-MEH, (D. Colo. Dec. 7, 2016). Even though the Higher Education Act does not create a private cause of action for […]

Turning the Tables on Debt Buyers—Using Arbitration as a Defense to a Collection Lawsuit

Turning the Tables on Debt Buyers— Using Arbitration as a Defense to a Collection Lawsuit Arbitration clauses in consumer contracts are the result of legal evil geniuses’ perversion of the law to defeat consumer rights, to avoid litigation, and to prevent culpable companies from being held liable for damages on a class-wide basis. Courts unfortunately […]

New News (to me anyway)

Here are some recent stories I found interesting that intersect with practice: ID Theft is on the Rise The FTC received 490,000 Identity Theft complaints in 2015. This represents a “47 percent increase over the prior year, and the Department of Justice estimates that 17.6 million Americans were victims of identity theft in 2014.” College […]

PRA Garnishing your pay or your bank account?

Has Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC (“PRA”) garnished your wages or bank account? If so, chances are very good that PRA has taken money from you that it has no legal right to recover from you. We can help you get that money back in addition to up to $1,000.00 in statutory damages. PRA is the second biggest, […]

Free Credit Report Review

We help fix credit report errors. We are not a credit repair agency. Rather, our free credit report review is designed to locate actual errors on your credit report and to offer proven solutions as to how to correct these errors. In particular, with your help, we review credit reports for errors resulting from: ID […]

Tips for Increasing your Credit Score

These tips for increasing your credit score are provided for information purposes only and is not intended to be legal advice. Why your Credit Score is Important Your credit scores determine whether you can finance a car or a house, get an apartment and possibly whether you will be hired for your next job. If you […]

Rebuilding Credit after Bankruptcy has a good article on rebuilding credit after bankruptcy. The key take away from the article is that your access to credit after bankruptcy increases with time. The article includes discussions on Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcies. As to Chapter 7, the article notes that after filing a Chapter 7 discharge, you will […]

Bankruptcy Filers Beware: Con-Artists Posing As Attorneys

Across the country, consumers are falling prey to a new scam targeting people who have filed for bankruptcy and others just getting started with the process. Bankruptcy attorneys are joining forces with public officials to sound the alarm bell to unsuspecting consumers. The National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Advocates issued the following bulletin: The con […]