Don’t make these mistakes when disputing errors on your credit report

Don’t make these mistakes when disputing errors on your credit report. These tips come from a great article on Dispute only with the furnisher Skip over the terms of an agreement with the credit bureau Lose evidence Don’t include enough information in your dispute Listen to a debt collector Why you should not dispute […]

Medical Debt vs. Credit Card Debt: Which is Worse?

Our friends at Nerd Wallet have a nice article weighing the negativities of cred card debt to medical debt against each other. The article notes that credit card debt is more predictable and negotiable, at least as to rates. These observations relate to the fact that you are in control of incurring credit card and […]

A Good Overview of Problems and Developments in Credit Reporting

The American Banker recently published a good and informative article with an overview of problems and recent developments in the credit reporting industry. There’s nothing new in the article, but it’s a good read for talking points. I particularly liked the description of the FCRA “dispute process as a virtual merry-go-round of frustration.” The article […]

Who is Southwest Credit Systems, LP?

Southwest Credit Systems, LP (“Southwest”) is a debt collection company located in Carrollton, Texas. A quick search of the web reveals multiple complaints about Southwest and its collection methods. It appears, at least in Kentucky, that Southwest collects a lot of telecommunications debt from companies such as AT&T and Windstream Communications, Inc. One of Southwest’s favorite […]

Three Common Mistakes than can Hurt your Credit Score

U.S Money just published a good article on Four Mistakes that can Hurt your Credit Score. I’m going to focus on just the first three, because the fourth was simply to routinely check your consumer credit reports. But if you’re not regular monitoring your credit report, chances are that you’ve already caught any of the […]

Standing to Foreclose in KY Requires the Plaintiff to Prove Possession of the Note at the Time Suit is Filed

In a rare win for Kentucky consumers, the Kentucky Supreme Court denied discretionary review in the case of Acuff v. Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., which could prove to be a very important foreclosure case. The facts of Acuff are fairly simple. The bank, Wells Fargo, filed a foreclosure complaint against the Acuffs. Wells Fargo attached a copy of the note […]

Credit Reporting Agency Changes means an End to Parking Debts on Credit Reports

The new credit reporting overhaul and changes means the end of parking debts on credit reports. The recent settlement agreement between the New York Attorney General’s office and the three major consumer credit reporting agencies—Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union—will result in many benefits for consumers. One benefit that’s not getting much discussion is that collections that […]

Student Loan Bill of Rights

On March 10, 2015, President Obama introduced the Student Aid Bill of Rights; another executive action to deal with student loan debt. Read the official Memorandum. The Student Loan of Bill Rights makes some important changes to student loans and the collection student. Joshua R. I. Coehn is a prominent consumer lawyer in the area […]

Remove Judgments from your Credit Report

Lawson at Law, PLLC can help you remove judgments on discharged debts from your credit report. A bankruptcy discharge “voids any judgment at any time obtained, to the extent that such judgment is a determination of the personal liability of the debtor with respect to any debt discharged under” the bankruptcy code. 11 U.S.C. § […]

Kentucky Statute of Limitations for Credit Card Debt

           The statute of limitations for credit card debt is an open question in Kentucky. This is because there is no statute squarely on point and no Kentucky appellate court has yet addressed or decided the issue. Creditors generally take the position that the statute of limitations is five years under […]

The difference between using a debit and credit cards

Surprisingly, it does make a difference. The most important thing you need to know is that using a debit card does cannot help improve your credit score. This is because, with a debit card, you are not borrowing money like you would with a credit card. Unlike with a credit card, you don’t get a […]

GLA Collection Co. on your Credit Report?

GLA Collection Co., Inc. is a Louisville, Kentucky based collection company that focuses on the collection of medical debt. Medical debt is one of the most common types of debt on consumer credit reports. A recent study found that “43 million Americans have overdue medical debt on their credit reports.” And medical debt is the leading causes […]

O’Connell Greenman & Assoc.: Another Arbitration Scam?

I have a client who was recently  contacted by an outfit identifying itself as O’Connell Greenman & Associates. This debt collector made a number of dubious claims on a recorded message that appear to be false, including threatening to sue the client. The debt collector ended in the call with an ominous, “Good luck in Court.” […]

CFPB: Consumer Credit Report Study

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau recently published a study concerning the reporting of medical and non-medical debt on consumer credit reports. Some of the pertinent highlights of the study are: Information from recent studies of credit report accuracy and from other sources raise particular concerns about the accuracy and interpretation of collections tradelines, the vast […]

How to Write Effective FDCPA Debt Validation and Verification Letters

Debt validation is a specific right you have under the FDCPA. 15 U.S.C. § 1692g(b). Writing effective debt validation and verification letters is key to exercising this right. Within 30 days of a debt collector’s “initial communication” with a consumer, you the consumer have the right to send a letter to the debt collector disputing […]

4 Medical Debt Myths That Can Cost You Dearly

            Medical debt on consumer credit reports is huge problem in this country. As reported by the International Business Times: According to a study by the Commonwealth Fund, 22 percent of adults—approximately 41 million consumers—were contacted by a collection agency over unpaid medical bills in 2012. Another study, by Ernst & Young in 2012, found that medical […]

Bad Credit Decision

There’s a saying that “bad decisions make good stories.” But when it comes to credit, bad decisions just leads to bad or worse credit. Taking out your frustrations on the bank that issued you a credit card in connection with a beef you have with a creditor does not end well. Read more here: