Identity Theft

If you think that you are the victim of identity theft, you probably are. The problem of identity theft is absolutely staggering. Here’s a summary of the problem found on Trans Union’s website:

  • Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America.
  • The number of identity theft incidents has reached 9.9 million a year, according to the Federal Trade Commission.
  • Every minute about 19 people fall victim to identity theft.
  • It takes the average victim an estimated $500 and 30 hours to resolve each identity theft crime.
  • Studies have shown that it’s becoming more common for the ones stealing your identity to be those closest to you. One study found 32% of identity theft victims discovered a family member or relative was responsible for stealing their identity. That same study found 18% were victimized by a friend, neighbor or in-home employee.
  • Most cases of identity theft can be resolved if they are caught early.
  • Financial institutions – like banks and creditors – usually only hold the victim responsible for the first $50 of fraudulent charges.
  • Only 28% of identity theft cases involve credit or financial fraud. Phone, utility, bank and employment fraud make up another 50% of cases.

We can help you battle identity theft. We can walk you through the steps you need to take when you’re the victim of identity theft, including completing and filing an identity-theft affidavit, filing a police report, and putting a freeze on your credit report. We can and will sue the creditor reporting agencies and the furnishers of  information that have ruined your credit report and complicated your life.

An Abundance of Resources

There are lots of really good resources on the web for dealing with identity theft. The best is supplied by the government on the Fair Trade Commission website. The President’s Task Force on Identity Theft also has some good resources and information, which can be found here. Another helpful resource is located on the website. There are many other sites both good and bad as Google and Bing make clear.

Indeed, everything you need to battle identity theft can be found on the web. You can follow all of the proper steps on your own without our help or anyone else’s. But still the chances are fairly good that despite your best and greatest efforts problems will remain on your credit report. It comes down to the fact that the credit reporting agencies just don’t care about you. It often takes a lawsuit to get their attention and get them to do what’s right. That’s where we come in.