Remove Judgments from your Credit Report

Lawson at Law, PLLC can help you remove judgments on discharged debts from your credit report. A bankruptcy discharge “voids any judgment at any time obtained, to the extent that such judgment is a determination of the personal liability of the debtor with respect to any debt discharged under” the bankruptcy code. 11 U.S.C. § 524(a)(1). This includes discharged under both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Void and discharged judgments provide solid grounds for vacating a state court judgment.

We have the tools, the means, and the experience to vacate any state court judgment on a discharged debt. We can remove judgments on discharged debts from the public record section of your credit report for very reasonable flat fees: $200.00 for one judgment, $250.00 for two judgments, and $300.00 for three or more judgments.

Removing a judgment from your credit report can help substantially improve your credit scores. Each judgment in the public-record section of your credit report can lower your credit score by up to 40 points.[1] Your credit score and credit rating are important to many aspects of your life, including employment, rentals, relationships, and the cost of credit.

Entry of a judgment allows the judgment creditor to file a judgment lien that attaches to all of your real property. A judgment lien can be very costly when it comes to time to buy or sell property. Vacating the underlying judgment eliminates the basis for the judgment lien. With your credit and credit score, it is important to be proactive and act to clean up your credit report before you need good credit. Because when you need it might be too late. Please call or email us today to discuss removing the judgments that are dragging down your credit and credit score.

[1] Dana Neal, Credit Ratings: advanced strategies for FICO scoring