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My husband and I were blessed to have found Mr. Lawson. The gentleman was kind, patient and encouraging from the beginning. He ultimately did for us what we could not have done for ourselves. We truly appreciate his tenacity and his diligence to keep us informed during the process. In the end, he managed to recover all of the money that had been taken from us, while negotiating an agreement that would prevent it from happening in the future. We are so very grateful and would certainly recommend Lawson at Law.

Jenifer M.

Sixteen years of experience dedicated to helping Kentucky consumers and fighting against the biggest financial institutions and debt collectors operating in the Commonwealth.

My goal and the reason for my practice is to make my clients’ lives better and their finances more secure. I have recovered millions of dollars in damages for my clients over the years. I practice in and have had significant victories and published decisions in all Kentucky state and federal trial and appellate courts: including the Kentucky Supreme Court and the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals.

I have helped hundreds of clients fix errors on their credit reports that were creating financial nightmares and roadblocks to a better financial future.  

I have successfully defended hundreds of Kentucky consumers in debt collection lawsuits, including auto-deficiency lawsuits.

I can help stop unwanted junk robocalls, faxes, or texts, and recover damages for this harassment and violation of the law.

I have helped dozens of Kentucky consumers who have been defrauded or cheated by car dealers, including issues with no title, failure to pay off trade ins, odometer fraud, and undisclosed accidents.

I have recovered wrongfully transferred funds via pay apps such as Zelle for several clients.

I have sued, fought against, and won settlements for clients from all of the debt collectors operating in the Commonwealth, including Midland Funding and Midland Credit Management, LVNV Funding, Portfolio Recovery, GLA Collection Co., Wakefield and Associates, Unifund, etc. 

Often, I represent my clients on a contingency basis with my clients paying no up-front costs or fees. For these cases, I only get paid if I win or settle your case. So, you know I only take cases that I can win. I do this by harnessing the power of consumer-law statutes that contain fee-shifting provisions that allow me to force the defendants to pay my fees and costs, such as: the Fair Credit Reporting Act (“FCRA”), Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (“FDCPA”), the Telephone Communications Protection Act (“TCPA”), the Electronic Funds Transfer Act (“EFTA”), the Electronic Funds Availability Act (“EFAA”), and the Kentucky Consumer Protection Act (“KCPA”).

Our Main Practice Areas

We Fix Credit Report Errors

Debt Collection Defense & Stopping Debt Collectors

Auto Fraud and Deficiency Defense

Stopping Junk Calls and Texts

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