Free Credit Report Review

We help fix credit report errors. We are not a credit repair agency. Rather, our free credit report review is designed to locate actual errors on your credit report and to offer proven solutions as to how to correct these errors. In particular, with your help, we review credit reports for errors resulting from:

  • ID Theft.
  • False, Inaccurate, or Incomplete Credit Information, including:
    • Erroneous Public Record Information, such as false information relating to judgments and tax liens;
    • Incorrect Payment History (this is very common with mortgages);
    • False information concerning bankruptcy filings and debts discharged in bankruptcies, bankruptcy showing on your credit report but you never filed bankruptcy; and
    • Creditors failing to update your credit report to reflect that debts have been discharged in bankruptcy.
  • Impermissible requests for your credit report, in particular, hard inquiries that are negatively affecting your credit score. (You can read about the difference between hard and soft credit inquiries here.)

Please call or email us today to set up your free credit report review.