O’Connell Greenman & Assoc.: Another Arbitration Scam?

I have a client who was recently  contacted by an outfit identifying itself as O’Connell Greenman & Associates. This debt collector made a number of dubious claims on a recorded message that appear to be false, including threatening to sue the client. The debt collector ended in the call with an ominous, “Good luck in Court.” I called the number left on the message.

The call was answered with “Arbitration Department.” (What is about the word “arbitration” that debt collectors think is so scary?). I simply asked the name of the company. The person answering the phone could not fulfill this simple request. I was transferred to a “supervisor” who informed me that O’Connell Greenman & Associates was a “mediation” firm based out of Tacoma Washington. I could find no such firm registered on the Washington Secretary of State website or on the Kentucky SOS website.

Other consumers seem to be having similar problems as can be seen on this complaint board. If you are contacted by these people BE CAREFUL. You should insist on proof of any debt and proof of O’Connell Greenman & Associates legal existence before taking any steps toward payment, if you decide to make any steps at all.